Diego 7 weken oud
Diego 7 weken oud
Donna en haar broer
Donna en haar broer

The kittens are given to suitable candidates who can offer a loving and healthy home.


If you get a kitten from us you get a piece of ourselves. Buyers of our coons can always contact us with their questions. We think i`t s SUPER to follow the evolution of our kittens.


Our  kittens are allowed to moving away if they:

- are fully vaccinated, wormed and chipped

- are treated against fleas, lice and thicks

- are in posession of EU passport from our          veterinarian

- have a copy of the testresults for hereditary diseases from parents from kitten

- are in possession of pedigree with valid title of ownership

- are in possession of sales contract

-are very good socialized


We are affiliated with RMC the breed club and mundikat. We breed according to the Fife breed standard.